My favorite Subramanya Bharati song (with english translation)

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My favorite Subramanya Bharati song (with english translation)

Post  Guest on Thu Oct 10, 2013 10:57 pm

Achcham thavir, Naiya pudai
(Rid yourself of fear, Strike hard (the evil/obstacle))

Maanam poatru, Routhiram palagu
(Cherish honour, Learn righteous indignation)

Aanmai thavarael, Kedilum thuninthu nil
(Do not lose your manliness, Stand firm in ruin)

Keduppathu sorvu, Thiyoarku anjeal
(Fatigue spoils, Be not afraid of evil)

Oythal oli, Naer padap paesu
(Do not flag, Talk straight)

Thaalndhu nadavael, Mikaipada solael
(Don't lose your Dignity, Don't over dramatize)

Kaalam aliyeal, Keelorkku anjeal
(Do not waste time, Be not afraid of what is base)

Por tholil palagu, Tholviyil kalangael
(Learn the art of warfare , Do not become upset by defeat)

Pudhiyana virumbu, Veeriyam perukku
(Welcome progress, Increase virility)

Pedhamai Akatru, Unmaikku anjael
(Eradicate ignorance, Don't fear for truth)

Vedipara paesu, Nandru karudhu
(Speak with clear articulation, Always think good)

Vavvudhal neekku, Thavaththinai nirappu nee
(Avoid covetousness, Practise penance daily)

Katradhu olugu, Kaitholil potru
(Practise what you have learned, Cherish manual work)

Saerkay ariyea, Paeigalukku anjeal
(Know whom you associate, Have no fear of ghosts )

Maanam potru, Mandhiram valimai
(Cherish honour , Mantra is potency)

Vallamai pasael, Naal ellam venai sei
(Dont self-praise, Strive all day long)

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