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Post  Guest on Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:08 pm

random notes for a future blog:

Geoff Hurst: Focus, concentration, blanking out everything else. Bobby Moore, with a mind like a chainsaw, always sharp, always looking around ("what's going on?"), sharp and alert. on the last goal--i wanted to hit the ball over the bar so that by the time the ball boy got it back the game would be up. i was playing for time. i mishit the ball and it flew in.
Paolo Rossi: it was as if someone had touched me with a magic wand and said this is your moment, go and do what you can do. on the final goal in 1982 final: 18 or 19 times out of 20 you would never reach that ball but because there is a chance that you might you need to convince yourself to go for it and be prepared mentally to accept that you could reach the ball in time.
German defender: i wanted to hit the ball quickly into the net because the referee was going to blow the whistle any time. (Timing, need to finish things on time.)
Valdanho and Burruchaga: Germany always comes back from the dead. it has these gusts of wind and before u know it there is a storm.
Beckenbauer: playing on in 1970 world cup against italy with a dislocated and bandaged arm because germany had used up its quota of substitutions.

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