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  • 20131224
    In a recent interview which saw two football greats together, England great Sir Bobby Moore and German great Franz 'Kaiser' Beckenbauer both agreed that the Brazilian team of 1970 was the greatest the world has ever seen.

    Just naming the players of this great team feels like writing poetry: Pele, Jairzinho, Rivelino, Tostao, Carlos Alberto, Gerson, Clodoaldo,...The forward lineup consisted of Jairzinho on the right flank, Rivelino on the left, and Pele and Tostao up front as center forwards. These four players were so great that no one could counter this attack according to Pele. All...

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  • 20130823
    Blue Eyes was telling me today about her niece. This is the eldest daughter of her brother. The girl's mother has now divorced from Blue's brother. The girl is intelligent according to Blue Eyes, but she is not doing good in school and has been placed in 'remedial classes' in school. Her weakest subject seems to be mathematics.

    (will continue writing this blog later)

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  • 20130816
    Just had an amazing conversation with Blue Eyes. Thought i would write out what she said before i forget the details. Her father was conceived in Germany during the second world war. Her father's mother had met this handsome american soldier and she was madly in love with him. He was the love of her life so to speak. He was, however, already married. When he was returning to the U.S. he told her he would send for her but he never did. He made no efforts to communicate with her, and one or two years later she received the news that he had died. She subsequently met and married another american soldier...

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  • 20130805
    Several years ago i had given a rough english translation of Surdas's poem maiyan mori along with a brief introduction. I give it below after some editing and corrections. I will also say that the version i give seems a little different (particularly the last line); since Surdas was blind and was composing his poems/songs orally it is easy to imagine that there might be different rescensions of the same poem:

    The "Puranas" in Hindu literature contain, for the most part, mythological stories. The "Bhagwad Purana" is the most important of these in as much as it contains...

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  • 20130721
    The mughal emperor Akbar made attempts to reform both Hinduism and Islam. In this post i focus on his efforts to reform Hinduism. His specific efforts in this direction were as follows:

    1. Legalizing and encouraging remarriage by Hindu widows. The hindu widow had been treated with a certain cruelty and even in the dharmasastras she is forbidden to remarry. Akbar attempted to change all that.

    2. Actively discouraging child marriages amongst hindus and raising the legal age of marriage. It should be noted that in the dharmasastras, a young man is encouraged to marry a minor...

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  • 20130721
    Here i write about the the mughal emperor Akbar's attempt to reform Islam. His specific efforts on this matter were as follows:

    1. Allowed alcohol consumption by the general public providing the purchaser of alcohol produced a medical prescription to the alcohol store. A large alcohol shop was opened in Akbar's main palace itself for this purpose.
    2. Discouraged circumcision of young children which is a ritual in Islam (and i believe also in Judaism).
    3. Did not agree with the reason given in orthodox Islam for not consuming pork (that the pig is a vile animal and hence should...

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  • 20130614
    I was talking to a senior colleague today. She was talking about her daughter's first date. It happened when her daughter was around 15 and the guy she was going out with was 17. When the boyfriend reached their apartment to pick up her daughter my colleague was cutting vegetables. Hence, when he entered the apartment my colleague had a knife in her hand and while still holding the knife she told him: 'if you touch her, i will kill you'. The guy later told her daughter that while her dad was pretty cool about him taking her out her mom was positively scary. 

    The senior colleague told...

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  • 20130530
    Her parents are both very eminent, highly intelligent professionals who are also both intellectuals; they work in science related fields. She grew up having eclectic interests. She liked the sciences, but she also liked the arts. Like her parents. She finally decided to pursue arts, and got a degree in art history from a top college. She then started working in an art gallery. It was not high paying work, but there was work satisfaction. All was going well, and then something peculiar happened. She had a psychotic breakdown. There were some events leading up to it. One of her best friends had committed...

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  • 20130524
    His parents separated when he was young, and he found while his stepmom was kind to him, his stepdad did not like to have him around his house and would actually beat him every now and then. He would start crying whenever his father would drop him off to where his mother lived with his stepdad. Eventually he stopped going to see his mother altogether and started calling his stepmom 'Mother'. He was a wonderfully skilled baseball player and won sports scholarships from various colleges. But he wanted to 'chill' for some time after high school, and so decided not to accept them. When he applied to...

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  • 20130521
    He must be around 45 or so. One of the nicest people i have met. Pleasant, warm, kind. He has one biological son. Out of a sense of social service he decided to adopt a child and the adoption center persuaded him to adopt a brother and a sister who were already grown ups (around 12 or so). It turned out the girl he adopted had bipolar disorder, but this was not revealed to him (perhaps the shelter did not know? but surely they would have known that her behavior was not normal). In fact nothing negative about the girl in any way whatsoever was said to him. And so he adopted the brother and sister....

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  • 20130411
    I am not attracted to her; in general, i am not attracted to caucasian girls. But i have to say her eyes are very beautiful, even dazzling. They are blue, the color of the ocean, and every now and then they sparkle when she is amused or annoyed. She was wearing a ring and at first i thought it was an engagement ring. I knew she had a boyfriend, but was still single. I asked her about it. She said it was a 'Purity Ring'. Her father had put it on her hand in a ceremony in church, and she would return it to him after she got married. The idea behind the Purity Ring is that she would have no sex till...

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  • 20130510
    I've been having lots of conversations with Blue Eyes about whom i wrote in my previous blog. She is a very nice girl. We were talking today about disciplining children. In her own case she mentioned that when she did something mischievous and her parents got really mad at her they would hit her with a belt on her bottom. Her dad would say 'this hurts me more than it is hurting you' after he had belted her. Her mother would belt her very rarely but when she would do so it would be even harder than the belting she got from her dad. And they would apply soap on her tongue and then make her rinse...

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